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Virtual meetings through your own custom platform! 

As 4Webcom, we have developed our own platform in addition to Zoom's expertise. All video conference platforms are seamlessly linked to Zoom. What does this mean? It means that we develop your own planner with your own look and feel. With your own login and admin environment.

Through the planner, all employees authorized by you can access the video conference platform. From there you can plan your own meeting in one of the at least 10 virtual video rooms where the meetings take place. From one-on-one to 300 participants, you decide. Meeting blocks of one hour or more? We also set that up to measure. No private licenses for everyone, but one virtual meeting environment for the entire organization.

Intelligent scheduler

One or two separate rooms for remote support, for example to take over your customer's PC? Yes, we can arrange that too with our platform solutions. You "rent" a room, as it were, for a certain period of time and the planner takes care of the rest.

More and more organizations are looking for a customized platform to make use of the many advantages and savings for their organization as well. From remote sales (Zoom Distance Sales) to customer support or internal meetings. The platform takes care of it!

Customized platform advice

Virtual meetings via your own custom platform!

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