Zoom custom training

Live online Zoom customization training or at your own location

Live online Zoom training or at your own location

For optimal use of the many functions and applications of the Zoom software solutions, or the use of a customized platform, training is highly recommended. Not only will you learn which functions are available, but also settings, making reports, presenting, working with large groups (classes), breakout sessions and much more.


The training of our Zoom users requires, in most cases, customization. Together with you and your organization, we discuss the needs tailored to the way the live online software is deployed. 

Training is often given online (from € 110, - ex VAT), but it is also possible to follow in-company training. A minimum of 3-4 hours per day is used to cover all aspects and functions and the way in which organizations want to deploy the software products. We think along with you!

Webinar training

It is also possible to take a webinar training course. From registration to evaluation. We help you in all the steps. Think of the right settings for preparation (registration module), the right preparations for the speakers, light and sound testing from various locations, technical issues for crisp videos, webcam or camera and last but not least the management information about your webinars (evaluation). 

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for you? Please contact us for the possibilities within your organization.

Zoom custom training

With our customized training online you will quickly know how to use the most important functions for your organization and meetings. You can also book a training session with us so you'll be well prepared.

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