Safe zooming

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More and more, the security of live online video communications is described as one of the most important aspects before people use a program.

Safety first

Zoom has made security the number one priority. And that is important at a time when 300 million people are active in a Zoom meeting every day. It should go without saying that as a participant or host in a Zoom meeting, you should be safe. Ease of use and settings for safety must go hand in hand. And Zoom has succeeded in this combination. 

On the one hand, the program is very user-friendly and can be deployed quickly. But on the other hand, you have to activate a number of security features before starting Zoom. The "best of both worlds". During the last year and a half, a lot of work has been done to provide Zoom with all the necessary security features, without the user getting lost in a forest of settings. However, it is important to be aware of the various settings and applications in this area. Think about end2end encryption for your video, using a waiting room for a pre-check or even an email authorization. These and other security features can be set for the entire organization through the account settings or at meeting level through the standard settings. 

At 4Webcom, security is also very important to us. That is why our specialists provide live online customized training sessions to discuss and advise the owners of the software on their specific needs and requirements for secure zooming. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

For comprehensive information on Zoom security, arranged in various categories, please refer to: en (see security resources).

In the Cloud or your own data center (on premise)?

Despite all the security measures and protection of the cloud (Cloud is HIPAA / NEN proof) there may be a need to use the software in your own private cloud. In other words, linking the Zoom program to your own data center via a Zoom meeting connector. This extra option is possible and especially interesting for large target groups that work with many users. 

If you are connected to the Zoom Cloud platform and when you activate your account, you are subject to the Zoom privacy terms and conditions. 

Safe Zooming

Safety first: Zoom is very safe to use.

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