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The Zoom security features you want to know about!

26 Aug 2022 - 4Webcom

Whether you use the Zoom platform to teach online classes, schedule meetings or conduct patient discussions, there are unique features designed for everyone to make the most of safety and security.

Creating Zoom Breakout Rooms

12 Aug 2022 - 4Webcom

Create and use Zoom Breakout Rooms step by step. Get the most out of Zoom with this easy guide.

Zoom's most recent health features from last year!

29 Jul 2022 - 4Webcom

Get a new perspective on healthcare, collaboration and innovation with Zoom.

From generalist to online communication specialist

12 Jul 2022 - John Welzen

Blog: from generalist to online communication specialist with Zoom & Live subtitles

What is Zoom?

01 Jul 2022 - 4Webcom

Zoom is a video conferencing service that can be used to communicate with others virtually.

Zoom & end-to-end encryption

20 Jun 2022 - 4Webcom

End-to-end encryption ensures conversations are completely private. No one can listen in with this function. Therefore, it can be a very important function for business discussions.

How to enable dark mode for Zoom on your computer or mobile device

06 Apr 2022 - Jasper van Kessel

Many people prefer dark mode these days because it flips the color palette, making most of an app's interface dark instead of light. This can reduce eye strain, especially at the beginning and end of the day. Like many popular apps, Zoom now has the option to enable dark mode.

4Webcom now has its own YouTube channel!

25 Mar 2022 - Jorrin Wristers

From now on, 4Webcom has its own YouTube channel where you can watch videos explaining certain aspects of the program, such as how to create a template for recurring meetings or how to move it to another time.

Why the Future of Events is Hybrid.

28 Feb 2022 - John Welzen

If you’re like most event professionals, you’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to create value for your attendees. You know that to stay competitive, you need to offer experiences that are unique and engaging.

What has Zoom to offer in 2022?

03 Feb 2022 - Jasper van Kessel

From offering a unique customer experience to bringing physically separated teams together, during the course of 2022 Zoom will introduce new features in their services to facilitate collaboration and coming together with friends, family, colleagues and customers.

Why is Zoom so popular in education?

15 Dec 2021 - John Welzen

That Zoom is the market leader within worldwide education is well known. Of course, the pandemic has played a huge role in that. Not only the quality of the video and audio, but also the enormous scalability and flexibility are in demand by many schools

4Webcom/Zoom Market place

11 Nov 2021 - John Welzen

the office and those who work from home bring different challenges as they try to give their

The American dream of Zoom boss Eric Yuan

04 Nov 2021 - John Welzen

seems like an eternity ago again when I had my first Zoom meeting with the founder of Zoom in early 2015. Back then, Zoom was still a modest company in the USA with big plans. My first Zoom demo by the maestro himself has always stayed with me.

Organizing a webinar? The need for good preparation

04 Sep 2021 - John Welzen

The term webinar has gained popularity during Corona. Almost everyone knows what the term webinar means, as a live online replacement for the term seminar. Over the past 1.5 years I have helped many clients who, especially due to the limitations of Corona, have made the switch from the more traditional room with speakers to a live online (Zoom) webinar.

From video conference to UCAAS?

06 Aug 2021 - John Welzen

A growing market for video communications

The wonderful world of the Zoom break-out rooms

22 Mar 2021 - John Welzen

Experienced Zoomers are undoubtedly familiar with the function of Break-out rooms in Zoom. Partly because of Corona, more and more schools and other organizations are using Zoom as the communication and meeting tool.

Hybrid work as a standard work week?

23 Jan 2021 - John Welzen

The Corona ghost still haunts and his vicious mutant foes don't seem intent on turning back any time soon either

Working from home the norm: 4Webcom online consultation hours

29 Sep 2020 - John Welzen

The COVID virus is proving more persistent than we all expected. Once again, the government must step in and set rules.

Powerpoint can now also be used in Zoom virtual background

23 Aug 2020 - John Welzen

As a Beta version, it is now possible to give a powerpoint presentation in your Zoom virtual background.

Zoom security to a very high level

27 Jul 2020 - John Welzen

It has been 90 days since Zoom started all its improvements.

Tips for securing your Zoom Meetings

20 Apr 2020 - John Welzen

With the explosion in Zoom usage, Zoom quickly addressed the accessibility of privacy and security features and added all security options in the toolbar.