ZOOM Instant Messaging

More functions and saver than Whatsapp

Zoom chat: more features and even more secure than WhatsApp

More and more educational institutions are using WhatsApp for various applications and communication with students.

What many don't know is that with Zoom we have our own, very safe, WhatsApp-like environment to offer. This allows schools to communicate even more safely and quickly.

The secure Zoom Chat (instant messaging)

Chat and more for students and teachers, among others, in a private, protected school environment. Not only chatting.... but also free calling and video calling is possible with one click.

Want to share your screen via smartphone during the chat? That's no problem at all and comes standard. Never has communicating via the chat been so convenient. What about costs? Nothing, it's all included in the Zoom software.

To make things even easier, it is also possible to facilitate students with a free Zoom account. This account contains all the features of Zoom including chat (Whats App, but even more). This allows teachers and students to communicate with each other online, individually or in groups. Fast, smart and appropriate for the education of today and tomorrow.

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