Waiting and consulting room

Zoom live online consulting room

Zoom live online consulting room: a very safe video consultation with your patient

With our Zoom software you can quickly and easily set up your own online consultation room. Just download and start. How does it work? Quite simply. Via the Zoom software platform, patients can log in remotely and "take their place" in the virtual waiting room. Is the doctor busy? Then they are asked to wait until the doctor (host) is available. In the meantime, you can read messages on the specially designed waiting room page (news for patients)

No unnecessary travel or sitting in a real waiting room between coughing people for a short conversation with your doctor. You can schedule an appointment in advance or just sit in the virtual waiting room and wait for your turn.


Recording the video consultation and sharing information live online (think information from the HIS system) are just two examples that the doctor can take advantage of. Both for the physician and also for the patient. It goes without saying that all communication takes place in a highly secure environment. Less travel and more care in less time. Moreover, no infections in crowded waiting rooms.