Live webinars for healthcare prevention

Live webinars for Care prevention. That saves money

With the webinar software, you as a healthcare provider can easily and quickly reach your healthcare target audience online. One of the ways you can reach your target audience online is the webinar solution. You can also, in the context of prevention, very effectively and easily give an online presentation.

Participants in your presentation can receive information quickly and easily via the web and respond to the presentation. In this way, it is possible to present topics in the context of care prevention, respond to questions via chat or Q&A and gauge opinions via polling. Preventive and effective. From webcam to your own mobile studio in the office or on location. We are happy to arrange it.

Healthcare TV via the internet

4Webcom can contribute live information to groups within the Healthcare sector, both in small and large groups up to 10,000 + viewers. Healthcare TV online has never been easier or more scalable!

Zoom Healthcare provides you with everything you need to provide care and information online. The latter can be done through webinars or even through your own Healthcare TV channel.

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