Online parent meeting

Easy, low cost and innovative

Organize your parent meeting or parent conference via Zoom

Parent evenings and short parent meetings are as old as education itself. Large or small groups of parents, or individual discussions on location. This is the standard way in which it is done in almost all schools. But it can also be done differently. With our Zoom software it is possible to organize parent meetings and discussions alternately on location and online. Easy, cost effective and innovative! Difficult? No, it isn't!

With the Zoom collaboration software features your school can have online conversations with parents in no time. You can even record these conversations and all student results can be shared and discussed live online. No egg timer or impatient parents in the hallway. Quick and effective for parents, children and the teacher.

Parent meetings via a webinar

Not only the individual meetings with parents are great to organize online. With the additional webinar function in Zoom, it is also possible to address small and very large groups of parents (thousands) live online, share information via desktop sharing, answer questions interactively and gauge opinions directly during the webinar via the polling function. The parents will thank you for it!

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