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SMT consultation: a quick and easy live online medical team meeting

Practice shows that it is often quite a job to get the right medical specialists together. Team meetings within the healthcare sector are of great importance. Making appointments on location costs a lot of time and is often impossible to plan at short notice. We can help with that.

With our Zoom product, this is all arranged in no time. The fast and easy access to the communication software is ideal for your medical consultation. From any place where internet is available and on any device, medical specialists, doctors and supervisors can log in and participate in a video conference in HD quality. That really saves time. Patients can be helped faster.

Conversations, secure sharing of medical content, recording of conversations for other doctors and much more is standard in the software.

We would be happy to advise you.

Online SMT consultation? Yes, that is possible and can be arranged in no time.

Organize your online care consultations with colleagues now via ZOOM healthcare. Quickly and effectively bring the medical team together via ZOOM video communication. More information and action in less time