Flipping the classroom

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Zoom Education plan: for your flipping classroom

Would you like to record, present and record your lessons in the blink of an eye using our Zoom collaboration software? No problem. Prepare your live online lessons now, record the lessons and make use of the many ways to make the lessons interesting.

Flipping classroom

Think of the live presentation and recording of a power point, the use of video clips and of course your own video image and sound. click on the recording button and everything is recorded in an Mp4 format.

The flipping classroom possibilities are great. Prepare your lesson the way you want to. Record your lesson and check your MP4 movie or separate audio file afterwards. Everything in terms of video in HD quality. Not a good recording? Simply delete it and record a new lesson. All recordings will be saved on your laptop or PC/tablet. Oh yes, you can also save lessons in the Zoom cloud and send links to students who can study the recordings. Convince yourself and ask us about the possibilities for your flipping classroom.

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