Blended learning

Start with good preparation

Teaching remotely and on location? That requires good preparation.

Our Zoom software is ideally suited to providing blended learning courses. Up to 100 or 300 participants per class as standard? Up to 49 video feeds visible per screen. But in combination with teaching on location, this means a new way of teaching, with different skills and didactics. That requires good preparation. How do I combine this? How do I organize the remote lessons? Can I take tests online? Or work in smaller groups without losing the overview? These and more questions play a role in the blended leaning playing field. We have experience with various schools and are happy to help you with all your questions.

Breakout rooms and more

More and more schools are making use of the blended learning options that we can offer you. In evening and adult education live online lessons are also increasing rapidly, partly fuelled by the Corona virus. The Internet infrastructure in the Netherlands means that anyone can easily participate remotely.

Education package

Recording, collaborating in documents, making annotations, a live whiteboard and working in small groups (break-out rooms) are just a few of the options that fit in with blended learning. In class with your group? Then you can easily bring speakers from outside the class into the lesson. Use your smartboard with internet and a webcam or PTZ camera. We also have a special application for touch screens, Zoom for touch. Ask for an online demo or enquire about the Education plan for your school.... We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

Zoom: for your blended learning goals.