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More care in less time with remote care

Remote care

Zoom online video consultation with doctor or caregiver. In health care, there is more and more talk of remote care. Waiting rooms and consultation hours are making way for virtual online consulting rooms. More and more use is being made of these video consultations. Zoom has an excellent product for this.

Want to see and talk to your doctor, nurse or caretaker live from home? Zoom or our own Zorg platform make this possible, even on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. And all at lightning speed in beautiful HD quality!

Cut costs and pay more attention to patients in less time. And a virtual waiting room is standard. Virtual consultations and patients who have to wait a while are standard in the Zoom waiting room. In this waiting room you can also leave messages for the patients. This makes the wait informative.

Screen sharing

But that's not all.Through screen sharing, the screen can be shared live. Test results up to and including X-rays can be viewed on the spot. And all that in a very safe way (NEN / HIPAA proof).

More people who need to be present at the meeting with the doctor? For example, the nurse and physiotherapist? Or family members?  With our Zoom software you can log in multiple videos simultaneously and discuss the patient quickly and efficiently.


If you click on the recording button as doctor (host and organizer) you can record the conversation and the patient can listen to it again afterwards. Useful to understand everything. Of course, the organizer of the meeting decides whether or not to use this feature.

Informal care

Also for the many informal caregivers an excellent tool to quickly stay in touch with the family doctor and medical specialists. More attention and efficiency in healthcare! That is what we are aiming for.

Zoom for your healthcare organization? 

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Care / Medical

Remote care

Waiting rooms and consulting hours are giving way to virtual online consulting rooms.

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