Zoom's most recent health features from last year!

29 Jul 2022 - 4Webcom

Zoom and healthcare go hand in hand.

At 4Webcom we work a lot with healthcare institutions and organizations. Zoom is often used during patient meetings and to communicate about research and developments. The platform is always working on improvement in order to create a nice digital environment for healthcare professionals.

Get a new perspective on healthcare, collaboration and innovation with Zoom. Zoom is an integrated platform that creates connections within your healthcare organization. Zoom helps to improve communication across the entire healthcare sector. Patients can meet each other and staff are enabled to connect and become or remain flexible.

Zoom's comprehensive platform addresses the diverse needs of diverse organizations seeking to connect with their patients.

These developments have been introduced last year to help healthcare institutions and their patients communicate more easily:

  • Improvements in the Waiting Rooms:
    To more easily inform patients, Zoom has introduced two-way chat in the Waiting Rooms. Chat messages can thus be sent to, for example, waiting patients, who can then respond to them. Videos can also be uploaded to be played back, for example, when patients are present in the Waiting Room. This way, practical promotions or news can be brought to the attention.

  • Zoom integration with Cerner:
    Cerner, the electronic health record, now accepts beta customers through the new integration and allows healthcare providers to participate in telehealth appointments. Test results can be shared and documentation completed during the session.

  • Epic integration device test on mobile:
    The popular merger with Epic now allows patients to pre-run a device test on their mobile device to check their audio and video settings.

  • Mobile browser client:
    Patients can participate in secure online appointments directly from their mobile browser without downloading the Zoom app.

  • Post meeting survey:
    Easily send surveys after your meetings and collect patient feedback. Easily set up a custom survey that starts immediately after the meeting ends.

  • Online BAA:
    Zoom has made it easier for small clinics and practices to sign up online and accept a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This online process helps these little practices to quickly set up a Zoom account.

  • Smart Gallery:
    If you use Zoom Rooms with your organization, this feature helps making hybrid meetings more equitable.

  • Kiosk Mode:
    With this mode, you set up an online virtual receptionist to greet your patients and do the initial communication.

  • Enhanced slide control:
    Do you remember the phrase: “Next slide please!”? That’s a thing of the past with enhanced slide control! This allows you to select multiple people to control the progress of presentation slides.

Zoom, one platform for care, patient & collaboration.

Zoom is the virtual care solution for not just caregivers, but also patients and family. Zoom is the approved video healthcare platform you want to start with. Whether you're a knowledge center, a small clinic or a pharmaceutical company, now is the time to improve your company's communication with Zoom.

Zoom merges video, chat, phone and smart workspaces to keep you connected under one platform. Many healthcare providers are already using the popular Zoom platform. In healthcare, personal data and sensitive medical data are processed and discussed. It is therefore important that the healthcare provider uses a safe online working environment. Also because the healthcare sector increasingly revolves around virtual care.

Choose Zoom via 4Webcom and deploy Zoom so that it can be easily used for all teams, patients and family members.