Creating Zoom Breakout Rooms

12 Aug 2022 - 4Webcom

What are Zoom Breakout Rooms?

When you start a Zoom meeting, you have the possibility to divide the group into Breakout Rooms. It is a handy Zoom tool where you, as the organizer/host of the meeting, can determine exactly what kind of Breakout Rooms you create and which participants go into each of them. With Zoom Breakout Rooms you can therefore split the group into multiple subgroups. Breakout Rooms can be seen as small online “conversation rooms”. In these separate rooms, you can divide a meeting into smaller groups.

Breakout Rooms can be used to discuss statements or complete assignments in smaller groups. A handy tool when you teach online classes or have a large meeting. Breakout Rooms makes it possible to discuss a topic privately within a meeting in smaller groups. This can be seen as dividing your class into groups to work on an assignment or in a large company by department to further discuss a certain topic.

Ready to get started with Zoom Breakout Rooms?

Create and use Zoom Breakout Rooms step by step.

  1. Make sure that the option to use Breakout Rooms is turned on in your Zoom environment.

  1. You can only create a Breakout Room if you are the organizer/host of the meeting. If this is the case, you will see the Breakout Rooms button at the bottom of your screen. Click here to continue.

  2. You will start from here. Start creating Zoom Breakout Rooms by setting how many Rooms you want to create.

  3. You can choose from several options to divide the subgroups:

    • Assign Automatically: This way you automatically divide the participants into different subgroups.

    • Assign Manually: You can choose and divide subgroups yourself.

    • Let participants choose rooms: Here the participants of the meeting can choose themselves which subgroup they join.

  1. In the next screen you can divide the participants into subgroups, give the subgroups a name or add more subgroups.

  2. If you want more options, press Options. Here you will find many settings such as creating a time limit for the Rooms. You can also set here whether and at what time the participants in the subgroups can return to the main group. For example, during a meeting, communication can take place in small groups, after which this can be discussed together in the main group.

  1. You are now ready to open the Rooms. To do this, press Open All Rooms and all participants will be asked to enter the Breakout Room. If you want to automatically move all participants to the created Rooms without asking, then tick “automatically move all assigned participants into breakout rooms” under Options.

  2. If you, as an organizer/host, also want to participate in the various subgroups, this can easily be done by clicking on Join and then Leave Breakout Room to leave the group again. Do not click on Leave Meeting because then you will end the entire meeting.

  3. As an organizer/host, do you want to send everyone a message in the different Breakout Rooms at the same time? This is possible with the Broadcast Message To All button.

  1. To close all subgroups at the same time, press Close All Rooms. The participants of the different Breakout Rooms will all return to the joint meeting at the same time. At Optionsyou can set how much time they get before the Breakout Room closes.

Ready to create Zoom Breakout Rooms?

The Breakout Rooms are very useful if you want to split an online meeting with a large group into smaller subgroups. For example, if you teach online to your class and you want them to work together in groups. Or if you have a large meeting with your company and you want to discuss a topic further per industry. This allows the participants to communicate freely and clearly with each other.

You can go all out with Breakout Rooms and create up to 50 different Breakout Rooms. In these Rooms you can add a maximum number of 200 participants. As an organizer/host you will always have full control over the Rooms. You can prepare the Rooms in advance and distribute the participants as soon as everyone is logged in. As soon as a meeting has been created, you can start preparing, but you can also do this during the meeting or right before it starts. The participants in the Breakout Rooms have the same options and rights as in the general meeting settings.

Do you have any questions about creating Zoom Breakout Rooms or are you all set to get started? Feel free to contact us!